Worn – Human Work Tape


Worn are a hardcore band from Wilkes-Barre, PA from their modern era. Their new LP is a violent pushback against this worldview, one that questions the necessity of war in the bluntest of terms and tones. So when Worn asks us “Who do you trust in the modern age?” we all know the right answer. – Ned Russin

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Side A:
1. Harm you
2. Military dog
3. Paint the corpse
4. Public execution
5. Total disease

Side B:
1. Being…
2. Thrown to dogs
3. Acidic blood
4. Tangled crown of paranoia
5. Human work

Release info:
# 69 Transparent Tape

European Taperelease Exclusive by
World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records

Vinyl by From Within Records (Pensacola, FL, USA)

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